The Costa de la Luz is only a few km away from Africa (13 km athe narrowest point). The proximity to Africa has an impact on the climate, but of course also on the history of Andalusia due to the long Moorish reign. With over 300 sunny days a year, the Costa de la Luz is one of the weatherproof destinations. Daytime temperatures normally do not fall below 20° C even in the winter.

Conil has about 20,000 inhabitants and is a very popular holiday destination for national as well as international visitors. The old part of town has maintained its traditional charm and character. Thanks to the mild climate, in Conil you can enjoy a swim in the ocean from May to October. Long walks are possible along the extensive beaches and cliffs all the way to El Palmar, Fuente del Gallo, Cala de Aceite and the fishing port.

Tarifa is the southernmost city on the European mainland. It is located at the narrowest point of the Strait of Gibraltar and the mountains of Morocco seem within reach. Tarifa is the Mecca of windsurfers in Europe, because there is almost always a strong wind here. The beautiful old town is a destination worth visiting.

Baelo Claudia/ Bolonia: A tiny town that houses the most important Roman ruins of Andalusia. The nearby huge dune and the view of Africa give this spot of land its special charm.

Zahara de los Atunes is a beautiful fishing village (Atun = tuna).

Barbate is a larger fishing town with many fish factories. The place itself is not so inviting, but the surroundings with the natural park "La Breña" sure are.

Cape Trafalgar - Caños de Meca: Historic place where the English defeated the Spanish-French Armada in 1805. Adjacent to it is the former hippie enclave Caños de Meca. This place is still a well-known meeting place for drop-outs.

El Palmar: Village near Conil along a sandy beach. Very popular with surfers.

Vejer de la Frontera is one of the beautiful white villages for which Andalusia is famous. In 1976 the Moorish-influenced village was turned into a Historic Site. The old town is surrounded by a still intact city wall with four originally preserved city gates from the 15th century.

Novo Sancti Petri is situated on the beautiful beach "La Barrosa". Very popular holiday resort and very popular with golfers due an abundance of prestigious golf courses.

Chiclana de la Frontera is a bustling town of medium size with a beautiful and very lively market hall where you can get the freshest produce of the area at fair prices. Chiclana extends from the coast about 20 km inland. Very popular with our customers who want to buy a property.

Cádiz, the capital of the region, is located on a peninsula. It is the oldest city in Europe and behind the fortress Puertas de Tierra hides the extraordinary old town.

El Puerto de Santa Maria: bustling port city known for its marina. Mainly Spanish tourists and visitors.

Sancular de Barrameda is located directly at the mouth of the Rio Guadalquivir and was the starting point for both Columbus and Magelan. From here you can visit the impressive Doñana National Park.

Jerez de la Frontera is famous for three things in particular: the numerous sherry bodegas, the Royal Riding School and the race track. It is well worth a day trip because of the impressive old town.

With its magnificent monuments such as the Cathedral or the Alcázar, Seville is a must see. Home to flamenco and hundreds of tapas bars, Seville is one of liveliest places in Spain. You should allow a few days for the visit.

How to get here:

Nearest airports:
Jerez de la Frontera.  45 min. by car to Conil (approx.)
Sevilla – 1,5 hours by car to the Costa de la Luz.
Malaga – 2,5 hours by car to Conil.
Faro (Portugal) - 3 hours by car to Conil (approx.)