Informationen about the area. Conil and surrounding - Costa de la Luz

Conil is nestled neatly between the beautiful protected pine forests and the Atlantic Ocean right on the Coast which is renowned for its exceptional light quality attracting artists and inspiring writers alike. Conil is a historic fishing village and in the past its community survived through associated trades and working the surrounding fertile land. It is most famous for its tuna and today still continues in this important fishing tradition during the early summer months.

Nowadays, Conil´s main industry is tourism but whilst growing in popularity, it has managed to maintain its historic charm, Andalucian authenticity and warm welcoming feel. Many different cultures such as the Arabs, Romans and Celts have passed through the streets over the centuries and have left their mark in the architecture particularly in the centre of the old town and its inner courtyards.

Those who have visited Conil have been captured by its warmth, charm, outstanding beaches, cool narrow streets and culinary delights offered by the many quality restaurants and tapas bars. So much so, they can´t help but come back time and time again. For the more adventurous holiday maker, there are many activities to choose from such as surfing, wind surfing, cycling, walking or horse riding on the beach as the sun is setting. So why not come and share in Spain´s best kept secret destination and let it captivate your heart and leave you always wanting to return.

Chiclana lies in the south of the Bay of Cadiz and was founded in Phoenician times alongside Seville, Cadiz and Malaga some 3000 years ago. Its centuries of history, outstanding beaches rated some of the best in Europe, never ending sunshine and wonderful wines make Chiclana a very popular holiday destination. Chiclana is part of the ruta de vino, the wine route which links all of the local sherry producing towns with their popular bodegas.

Chiclana is famous for its natural beaches, particularly Playa de la Barrosa at 10km long and the slightly smaller Playa de Sancti Petri perched next to it on the coast. For this reason, this is the perfect place for those who purely wish to indulge in relaxing on the beach, cooling down in the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean and soaking up the light bright sunshine the Costa de la Luz is well known for. Chiclana town and beach front are full of great restaurants, shops and bars and there is always something to do. For sporty holidaymakers, there are many options to choose from including golf, tennis, kite surfing, cycling, horse-riding....the list is endless.

For the more romantic amongst you, a gentle stroll along the beautiful beaches in the evening will reward you with some of the most breathtaking sunsets and perhaps you could stop off on the way at one of the award winning chiringuitos (beach bars) to sample a cool glass of local fino (sherry). Whatever you are looking for, Chiclana has everything you need to make this your perfect holiday destination.

Vejer de la Frontera is one of the most beautiful and revered hill top pueblos blancos (white towns) in Andalucia. It attracts artists, musicians and those interested in history and culture. It has been recognised by Spain as an historical artistic monument of national importance and once you step into its cool, cobbled streets and marvel at your surroundings, you will understand why. Its history dates back to at least 400BC and has been occupied by many different cultures such as the Phoenicians, Romans and Moors each leaving an imprint within its architecture or local cuisine in memory of their reign. Much of this was due to its dominant position high up on the hilltop overlooking the mouth to the Gibraltar Straights and all the way to the North African Coast of Morocco.

Who could resist the peaceful charm of Vejer an ideal location for you to spend your holiday with its moderate year round climate and is ideally located only 10 minutes by car to some of the coasts most seductive sandy beaches such as El Palmar and Zahora.

Caños de Meca is a small village right on the coast a mere stone´s throw away from Cabo de Trafalgar and its beautiful white lighthouse. This is where the legendary Battle of Trafalgar was fought and won by Lord Admiral Nelson who paid the price with his own life way back in 1805. Today there is less canon fire and a much more chilled and relaxed feel to the place nestled in at the edge of the protected pine filled nature reserve of La Breña. It was born out of a love of the sea and is famous for its perfect surfing conditions, especially in the winter months and therefore attracts a more bohemian clientele. The long street lined with houses, shops, restaurants and bars running parallel with its beautiful sandy beach really come to life during the summer months and has become a popular, trendy place for people to spend their holiday.

Canos de Meca attracts those with a more laid back approach to life, preferring to stretch out by the beach or become one with the waves by indulging in the many types of water-sports such as diving, surfing, kite and wind surfing which are particularly popular due to the strong easterly wind and a good swell. Its breathtaking scenery, alluring beaches, hypnotic waves and hippy culture make this a holiday dream destination.